This visa category allows U.S. companies to hire foreign nationals from Canada or Mexico to engage in employment at a professional level with their company.

The TN visa is similar to the H1B visa program, except there are no statutory limitations on TN visas, allowing foreign nationals to enter the US at any time. There is currently no numerical cap on TN visas available to Mexican and Canadian nationals.

The TN visa generally covers a broader range of job categories and job requirements than the H1B visa program.  Job categories under the TN visa must require “activities at a professional level.”  Professional level is defined as jobs which require at least a baccalaureate degree or appropriate credentials or experience.  A few examples of jobs under this category are: management consultant, architect, accountant, engineers, etc.

Employers have the ability to request admission of the TN professional for a period of up to three years and request extensions in increments of up to three years.

Requirements of the TN Visa

  • Proof of Citizenship (Mexican/Canadian)
  • Documentary Evidence from prospective employer
  • Documentary Evidence of experience in job offered
  • Documentary Evidence of Education
  • Job category must be acceptable under the TN category
  • Must prove non-immigrant intent  

Spouses and unmarried children are able to accompany the beneficiary on a TD visa. TD’s are not permitted to accept employment, but may attend should on a full time basis.

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