Cancellation of Removal is a discretionary benefit available to particular deportable aliens granting them to be lawfully admitted for permanent residence. The application process is to be completed during the course of removal proceedings before an immigration judge.

The Attorney General may grant cancellation of removal in certain instances. There are various ways in which one may be eligible including:

  • Cancellation of removal for particular permanent residents;
  • Cancellation of removal and adjustment of status for particular nonpermanent residents;
  1. Must be physically present in the United States for no less than 10 years;
  2. Must be a person of good moral character;
  3. Must not have been convicted of an offense under section 1182 (a)(2), 1227 (a)(3);
  4. Must establish that removal would result in extreme hardship for alien’s U.S. citizen spouse, parent or child.
  • Special rule for battered spouse or child

To fully determine your eligibility for Cancellation of Removal, we recommend that you visit our office and meet with an experienced attorney who will be able to answer your questions and deal with the intricacies of immigration law.


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